Dancing dances offers inspiring resources for dance education
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Dancing dances is a website that aims to inspire, excite and motivate (dance)tutors to look at dance in relation to a variety of subjects and themes, to reflect on these and try out ideas with young people in various contexts (such as culture and education). Suggestions and comments are welcome through e-mail or Facebook.
Many young people and adults feel uncomfortable when exposed to contemporary dance - either as a viewer or a practitioner. Stepping into the unknown, feeling funny about using touch, hesitation to display strange twists and bends can contribute to this uneasy feeling. However, unknown is unloved! 

Dancing dances reveals a wide variety of diverse information on dance in relation to other themes and topics through text, visuals, clips, tasks, ... 


Dancing dances is based on the 4 key elements of dance - body, effort, time, space - and develops these elements through several subthemes by formulating diverse questions. Each question uses the same structure: a short summary; an introduction through text/film/visuals; tasks that can be receptive (viewing), reflective (thinking) as well as active (doing). Background information provides further explanation on the task or the used footage and visuals, and draws a direct link to dance(history).
Dancing dances offers a structured approach by following each question from top to bottom and it also allows for free browsing through key words you may find interesting and useful.

For whom?

Dancing dances is aimed at facilitators of dance education: teachers (secondary school), (dance)tutors and community dance practitioners working in a variety of settings. Its content is basic and accessible.

Dancing dances is ideally used with young people between 12 and 18 with very little or no knowledge of (contemporary) dance. 

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